I show you how to build an evidence-based culture, because when you are truly committed to serving your audience it shows up in everything you do -  from your corporate culture, to your business strategies, to the design and implementation of your products, services, and programs, to your communications strategies and content, and your response to feedback.


I can get you there. My work may be right for you if:

  • You need to make strategic use of consumer insights/market research but don’t have access to in-house resources or expertise

  • You have a gap in your full-time research/insights resources that you need to fill with a senior level professional to maintain continuity and leadership with clients/key files while you take the time to get the right person in place

  • You need to strengthen your pitches/proposals and concept designs with consumer, category  and industry insights

  • You need to navigate the landscape of public, health care provider, stakeholder perspective on health care, health and wellness, and the broader public sector with confidence

  • You need experience with behaviour change research and social marketing development and evaluation

  • You need a seasoned professional to conduct key informant interviews with your high value clients, partners, stakeholders, colleagues

  • You need to train your staff, executive team to become an evidence-based organization

  • You are an entrepreneur looking for how to translate your clients’ needs and desires into great client service and a growth business based on a strong and unique brand

Access these services to create effective decision supports:

  • Strategic research briefs

  • Project management

  • Vendor management

  • Consulting on research redesign, analysis and interpretation of results, application of insights.

  • Key informant interviews

  • Jurisdictional reviews/competitive intelligence

  • Research audits for pitches, proposals, concept design options

  • Research project services: proposal and report authoring, project design, questionnaire development, client management and ongoing support/consultation.

  • Evaluation strategies

  • Creation of research-based tools and programs to support ongoing integration of perspective and insight into businesses - segmentation studies and tools for planners based on segmentation; key performance indicator program and dashboard of key results; 360 evaluation plans of key initiatives/campaigns

  • Senior/executive level consulting and support services.

  • Knowledge transfer and exchange strategies and support

  • Coaching sessions/training programs to support various levels of staff (from executive to junior) to become an evidence-based organization that lives on insight!

  • Specific products in development, and created on demand.

Freelance, Project-Based, Retainers, and Short-Term Contract arrangements available.

Freelance, Project-Based, Retainers, and Short-Term Contract arrangements available.