"Christine is insightful, dedicated, and creative. She adds value in projects requiring a sophisticated understanding of market research, and how it can inform strategic planning and social marketing programs."

Jean-Claude Camus, Assistant Deputy Minister, Communications and Marketing Division, Ministry of Health and Long-Term Care

"Christine is naturally inquisitive, a driven and hard worker, who strives to understand the bigger picture surrounding an issue/topic."

Chris Martyn, Chief Research Officer/Managing Director, Ipsos Public Affairs North America

"Christine has the “get it” factor – she comes into an organization and is quickly up to speed on the project at hand and how it fits into the overall organization/strategy. She easily integrates with the team and can work with multiple personality types.  She helps you go there with evidence and make an informed decision."

Meredith Grove, Senior Communications Strategist, Cancer Care Ontario

"Christine digs deep for valuable insights and searches past the obvious. She helps enable others to see the opportunities and will sell the strategy all the way. She is a patient partner during execution, aiding in thinking and guiding work to land on strategically targeted solutions. But the best part of all, when work is on strategy, she will endorse, support and even help sell the solution all the way to yes! She is a great partner and a great person.” 

Peter Hickey, Partner, MacPhie and Company

"Christine is a creative thinker who sees the big picture.  She is an analytical and strategic storyteller, who cuts through data to provide clarity and insight. She always brings something new and unexpected to the discussion."

Elliot Gold, Manager Strategy and Research, Communications and Marketing Division, Ministry of Health and Long-Term Care

"Christine is a strategic partner who understands how to use research to create and support broad strategic initiatives and ensure that the work is evidence-based. And she stays with you through a project to ensure that there is knowledge transfer across the organization."

Yvette Thornely, Senior Director, Health Promotion and Communications, Canadian Breast Cancer Foundation