Leveraging the perspective of your clients and stakeholders, your audience and market will take your business and communications strategies from good to amazing, from contemplation to action.  When you start from the perspective of your end user you will create meaningful connections with them, be better able to service their needs, and inspire the actions you desire to successfully meet your objectives.  


I am a market research strategist with more than 15 years experience, split evenly between the supply and client side of the business.  In 2013, I established a strategic research consultancy to help organizations become evidence-based in their business and communications strategies.  My expertise in why and how organizations need, use and can get consumer insights through research, helps my clients put insights into action to get results.  I specialise in the fields of public sector policy, programs and communications, and health care/health and wellness programs, services and communications.


I made Toronto my home 16 years ago when I moved here for my first market research job.  A small company took a chance on a recent graduate who didn’t even know what market research was!  Though I had been fascinated from an early age with what makes people tick (mostly famous historical figures and criminals!), and how people make decisions about how to live their own lives and live together (I focused on political theory in university), I didn’t know at that time that you could make a career out of these interests.

Fortunately, this company saw in me an ability to attribute meaning to data and a willingness to apply that meaning to strategies and solutions to problems, and they gave me the chance to learn the art and science of the research industry.  I learned that numbers do tell a story, that there are shared values and experiences in individual stories, and that most problems can be solved if you can balance having your instincts validated or challenged by evidence and the perspective of your target audience.

I became known for finding the “so what? now what” in data and helping clients put insights into action.  

After 7 years learning the supply side of the industry I was given the opportunity to become a buyer of research for the Ontario Ministry of Health and Long-Term Care.

In my 8 years in that role I learned how an organization really uses research and how creating an evidence-based culture can significantly impact the relationship between program/service/product provider and the consumer/target audience.

It was in this role I honed my belief that when you understand your audience, and speak their language, you will connect with them in the most powerful way.

My move to Toronto gave me more than a new career, it also led me to my husband of 10 years, and together we have built a beautiful family, home and life together.  In 2013 we decided that the best way to serve our young family was for me to build an independent research practice that allowed me to practice my joint passions of problem solver and mother.

I’d love to get to know you and your organization better, and talk about how we might solve a problem or elevate an idea together!